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Profile Digital Services’ fully-managed platform enables to capture, store and distribute court recordings and transcripts, while providing easy, fast and secure access both to court personnel as well as to attorneys, citizens and other interested parties. Profile Script platform supports the complete lifecycle of transcripts’ generation, starting from the digital recording of the court proceedings which are performed utilizing sophisticated audio and IT equipment, temporarily storing audio files, locally, until the transcribers prepare trial transcripts, for approval and validation by the judge and the appointed trial secretary. Then, the final transcript and audio are centrally stored to be available to anyone involved and of interest through a publicly accessed portal. A powerful search tool is provided to enable users to find and access the transcripts.


After working closely with various types of Courts and associated parties, we realized that accurate audio capturing is the key to success. It underpins the entire court recording’s lifecycle and is critical to the delivery of quality audio and a reliable and fast transcript. The recording solution, part of the Profile Script platform, includes the setup of the necessary computing and audio equipment in each courthouse to record and store at high quality audio files all the trial proceedings. For purposes of availability, files are saved and kept initially at the recording workstation which is located in each courtroom, then forwarded to the Court’s Local Server that collects audio files from all courtrooms and proceeds to high quality encoding. The decoded files are sent to a central datacenter (either in the cloud or on premises depending on the selected approach) and stored permanently.

The recording solution can serve all levels of civil and criminal courts (County Courts, Courts of First Instance and Courts of Appeal) supporting unlimited number of courtrooms and primary users (court secretaries and/or judges). Variations of the selected recording mode may apply, according to the court’s level and activity. The solution can work either as a web application or as a standalone application. The latter is the preferred choice by most Courts, when high availability of the recording infrastructure is of utmost importance, as it allows recording without the need of an internet connection.


With the commencement of audio files recording, audio is divided to various parts according to size and forwarded to the Local or Central Server. From that point on the Transcription solution breaks down the recordings to smaller ones and produces a list of audio files that are shared among the well trained and experienced transcribers who access them in real-time and produce the draft transcripts. After draft transcripts have been produced they become accessible for approval and the production of the official judgment by the respective secretaries and judges consecutively.

Depending on the implementation type, raw transcripts follow an approval workflow, until they are finalized and digitally signed. They, then, become available for searching and downloading by the target users. These include both system users (secretaries and judges) and public users (lawyers and citizens). According to the implementation workflow, the system can both provide draft transcripts or official judgments (following approval of drafts).

Operations and Support

Profile Digital Services is able to offer managed Court Services that can cover any need. Our highly experienced and well trained transcribers are ready to produce fast and accurate transcripts. In particular, the company, apart from the platform itself, can undertake the operation of the system by mobilizing and providing professionals that offer transcription services, located at their own or at the organization’s premises. At the same time, real-time monitoring and operation support can be offered under SLA provisions. Typical services offered include: remote recording system, monitoring and annotation.

Our services focus on both timely response, while recording a courtroom proceedings and the transcription process. Our goal is to minimize any downtime. The support service provided ensures peace-of-mind as the experienced technicians are on call to help when needed.


Profile Digital Services’ complete platform is based on a thoroughly tested, proven and mature open source system so as to reduce the maintenance costs. It has been developed to support all modern requirements for expandability (as volume and performance needs grow), high availability (using VM software and clustered servers), reliability, interoperability, user friendly design etc. In particular, as far as interoperability is concerned the system smoothly connects to other complementary systems in order to have i.e. validation of lawyer’s identity, each trial’s docket import, etc. with the use of web services or other means depending on the case.

At each storing level (namely Recording Workstation, Local Server or Central Server) audio files and transcripts can be stored based on set parameters, indexed and made available to users instantly for a number of years.


Profile Digital Services can offer consulting services in order to help mapping organisations’ existing transcript production processes, procedures and policies. It also entails understanding of the existing infrastructure so as to recognise what is currently available and what can be used for operating a modern reliable digital trial recording solution.

Consulting usually includes the following:

  • Mapping of the existing process, regulations and procedure review
  • Understanding of the existing infrastructure identification and evaluation
  • Gap analysis and assessment
  • Process Design
  • Solution Design